Choir Camp 2016 - Friday October 21st to Sunday October 23rd

Hello Everyone,

Here are the details for this year's choir weekend:

‑ Friday October 21st to Sunday October 23rd.

‑ We are at Spencer Park (Bryson Cemtre) Scout Camp. It is located at 531 Windermere Rd, London. There is a road around the right side of the building. Follow that road around the back of the building and all the way to the camp lodge. It is about 200 yards down the road at the end.

Here's are links for the camp itself and a map to get to the camp.

‑ Arrival time: plan to arrive on Friday at about 7:00pm, so your camper can enjoy the full evening, and so that you can find the location while it's still light out.

‑ We will have a brief parent meeting at the camp about the tour.

- Friday night is social time for the choir after the meeting. Saturday will be a mix of rehearsal and fun, with a campfire to end the day.

- Sunday, campers will be up, packed, and ready to go by 8:45pm.

‑ The weekend is capped off with the choir's first full performance of the year: a church service at accompanist Graham Adams' church — Westmount Presbyterian, 521 Village Green Avenue, London (just off Wonderland, and just north of the Westmount mall). The service begins at 10:30 a.m. and ends at 11:45. Parents and families are welcome to attend.

 ‑ Cost: There is NO COST to choir members for the camp weekend.

‑ Weekend Dress: For the weekend, dress is casual. At the moment the forecast shows cool, wet weather, so make sure to bring warm things, and rain gear. 

‑ Concert Dress: For the performance: choir shirts, black pants, black socks, black shoes. Choir members must have performance attire with them.

‑ Bedding: The rooms at the camp have bunks, but campers must supply all their own bedding (sleeping bag, pillow, etc.). An air mattress or exercise mat would also be good, as the bunks do not have mattresses.

‑ Food: All food, snacks and beverages are provided.

‑ Driving. We hope that parents will bring their children out to camp on Friday evening. If that's not possible, please let us know and we'd be happy to arrange a ride for him or her.  On Sunday morning, Rob, Graham and parent chaperones & volunteers will be driving choir members from camp to the church in London. 

‑ Pick‑up. We hope that you will be able to pick your child up from the church in London, after 11:45. If this isn't possible, again, please let us know and we'd be happy to arrange a ride to get your child home.

‑ STYC Member Info Sheet: Please be sure to complete the info sheet and return it to the choir executive before your child goes to camp, so that we have parent and emergency contact information. Also, it's very important that we know about any allergies or sensitivities (to medication, food, etc.) as well as any health issues or dietary restrictions. We need your help to ensure that all campers stay safe and healthy!

‑ Chaperones: Choir Director Rob Cairns and Choir Accompanist Graham Adams will be at camp all weekend. Several parents from the choir Executive will also be at camp over the weekend.

‑ Volunteers: Parent volunteers are most welcome, so if you'd like to help out at camp during the weekend, speak to Karyn. We'd love to have you!

 Questions or concerns? Please feel free to call or e‑mail any member of the Executive, or to talk to an Executive member in person on Tuesday evening.

Camp Weekend is a great weekend for choir members. They have a chance to bond, to have some fun, and to sing, sing, sing! We hope your child will be there.


Rob C