Springwater Spirit Walk

Here is the information about the Spirit Walk for this Saturday. 

If you have not been before, the way it is set up is that each group is at a campsite. The path between each campsite is lined with candles. Each group performs for a few minutes then the crowd moves on to the next campsite. 

Here are the details for us:

  • The performance is this Saturday December 3rd.
  • It is at the Springwater Conservation Area, just outside of Aylmer. Map
  • When you arrive look for the school house. That is where we will meet.
  • We are to arrive at 5:45pm. We will then be taken to the site where we will be performing.
  • Our first group should be about 6:45pm and will finish by 9:00pm. 
  • We will be outside for about 3 hours, and although we will have a campfire going to help keep warm, everyone should dress appropriately for the weather! Environment Canada Weather
  • We are not wearing our performance attire. The biggest priority is warm clothing. 
  • If there are "Christmassy" items (hats, scarves, antlers, etc.) that people would like to wear, please bring them along. 
  • Everyone should have the Christmas Carols medley that we will be working on.

Other things:

  • It might be a good idea for people to bring along a thermos with a warm beverage to sip on between groups.
  • The campsites are not going to be lit and we are reading music. If anyone has a camping lantern that we could use to light our area, please email back to me, so I don't have to go an purchase something.

I think this everything. If I have missed any info that you need, please email back and I will send it out to you.