STYC Choir Camp at the Bryson Centre Scout Camp

Dear Parents,

Choir camp is this coming weekend! We have prepared a number of activities for you sons and daughters to bring the new group together both musically and socially for this coming year. We have five adults for supervision this weekend - Rob Cairns, Graham Adams, Karyn Paschink, and Cheryl Duffett.

Map to Camp



Friday October 12th, 2018

7:00pm - Arrive at Spencer Park (Bryson Centre). (A map is available on the youth choir website. The choir members should arrive in time to settle in and come to the meeting at 7:30.

7:30pm – Parent meeting with info about the tour for this summer.

After the meeting - Choir members assemble in the main lodge.  We will assign meal groups. Choir members will then settle in for the evening’s camp fire and “Welcome Back” activities. (If the weather is good and we will have an outdoor campfire.)

11:00pm - Campfire ends, settle in for the evening.


Saturday October 13th, 2018

8:00am - Breakfast (Group 1 assists with this meal.)

9:00am - Rehearsal 1 in the main lodge.

10:15am - Break

10:30am - Rehearsal 2 in the main lodge.

11:45am – Break before lunch. (Group 2 assists with this meal.)

12:00pm - Lunch

1:00pm - Clean up from Lunch.

1:15pm – Free time for activities at camp.

•             Wilderness Walk on the trail to the river. (Weather permitting)

•             Games – We will have both indoor and outdoor games for you to participate in.

•             Time for homework if needed.

4:00pm - Rehearsal 3 in the main lodge. (Prepare the hymns for morning service.)

5:00pm - Break for free time before dinner

6:00pm - Dinner (Group 3 assists with this meal.)

8:00pm - Evening Activities

10:00pm - Campfire ends, settle in for the evening.


Sunday October 14th, 2018

7:00am - Breakfast (Group 4 assists with this meal.)

7:45am - pack up and load cars for departure.

8:45am - Depart for Westmount Presbyterian Church.

9:30am - Rehearsal in the church

10:30am - Performance for the 10:30am Sunday Service at Westmount Presbyterian Church in London.

Noon - Parents pick up their son or daughter at the church.


What do I need to bring to camp?

We are at camp for two nights. You should pack with this in mind (please no full size overseas suitcases!) The following are some things that you consider bringing:


·               Sleeping bag, pillow, air mattress - the cabins have bunks, but not mattresses.

·               Warm clothing for the evening campfires. (Sweater, coat etc.)

·               Mosquito repellent and sun screen.

·               Presentable pajamas in case you need to leave your room after preparing for sleep.

·               Appropriate clothing for the afternoon games activities.

·               Performance attire for the Sunday church service in London.

·               Performance shoes and socks or nylons. (Black)

·               Your choir music and a black binder.


A smile so that you enjoy yourself and everyone else enjoys you!

See you on Friday night